Plagiarism check

Our Plagiarism check policy:

One of the issues we take special pride in is the focus on papers’ originality. 100% custom content has always been regarded as the sole important hallmark of academic writings’ quality, and no writer can be appreciated as a specialist if he or she uses ideas and writings of other people without giving credit to them. Plagiarism is deeply unethical as a writing practice, and it is severely punished by educational institutions, with some universities even considering students’ suspension from the university in case they are caught on plagiarism.

Scary, right? That’s a very shameful situation, and a very dangerous one for your educational future. Hence, it is very unrecommended to use resources and “borrow” some ideas without referencing them in the papers. We have developed a strict policy for originality of all papers and have placed it at the heart of our quality monitoring.

  • We use two premium plagiarism checkers to conduct double checks of all papers before their submission to the client
  • Our writers take tests in plagiarism avoidance when they are hired to our company, for us to make sure they know the dangers of plagiarism and are competent in original writing
  • Members of our writing team never use non-reputable sources and keep track of all content quality issues during writing

Thus, you may be totally confident about the quality of content you receive from us in terms of originality and plagiarism is a highly unwelcomed practice in our company, ousted at the very early detection with severe fines and writer account suspensions.